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The Putnam Dance Center, founded in 1996, offers a complete program of dance education for all levels from beginners to advanced. Our goal is to develop coordination, grace, physical fitness, and time management, while building self esteem and confidence. Through positive reinforcement our students will gain a lifelong appreciation for music, dance, and the arts, while creating friendships and memories that will last a life time!

We are located at 554 Liberty Highway, Colonial Plaza, Putnam, CT 06260.

You can reach us by phone at 860.963.7073, or by e-mail at info@putnamdance.com.




Studio Policies




As a student of The Putnam Dance Center, not only will your child learn how to dance in a fun and friendly environment, your child will also learn the value of hard work and discipline, to be respectful of others and how to accept challenges and disappointments – lessons for life, even if they do not pursue a career in dance. Our goal is to develop coordination, grace, physical fitness, and time management, while building self esteem and confidence. Through positive reinforcement, our students will gain a lifelong appreciation for music, dance and the arts, while creating friendships and memories that will last a life time!

In order to get the most out of each class and not disrupt the harmony of The Putnam Dance Center, we need your cooperation. The following are studio policies as well as rules of conduct to abide by as a parent or a student of The Putnam Dance Center.


  • Starting with the Beg 1 level through and including Advanced levels, it will be required for all dancers to take a Ballet class if they choose to take a Jazz or Modern class. Please speak to Annette if you have any concerns regarding this policy.
  • Dress rehearsal is mandatory in order to perform in the recital.

ABSENT POLICY: Please CALL the studio directly at (860) 963-7073 when you or your child will be absent from class. The Office Staff needs to get the message and they will inform the teacher. 

  • Do NOT Facebook message the studio
  • Do NOT text the Teacher
  • Do NOT text Annette

APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: It is important for your dancer to arrive to class on time. Young students are not allowed to run around or enter the studio unless a teacher is present. All students are to respect dance props and equipment. They are only for use by a teacher during class time. Students as well as Parents/Guardians are to follow the appropriate rules listed below.


  • Arrive on time for class
  • Do not run in the waiting room or studios
  • Do not stand on waiting room chairs
  • Do not chew gum in class
  • Only water in the studios
  • Dress appropriately for class and have hair neatly pulled away from face
  • Be respectful to teachers and fellow classmates
  • Be a good listener
  • Do not hang on the barre or put hands on the mirror
  • Do not wear dance shoes outside
  • Keep jewelry at home
  • Practice dance steps at home
  • Keep voices low in the waiting room
  • Use the bathroom before class
  • Do not make unnecessary noise or talk during class
  • Label all dancewear
  • Keep cell phone off and out of the studio during class
  • Stay inside the waiting room until your parent comes to pick you up
  • Thank teachers at the end of each class
  • Thank family for allowing me to dance • Smile, learn & have fun!

*Parents must go over these rules with their child.


  • Get dancer to class on time as the warm-up is the most important part of each class. Being late is also disruptive to the flow of the class.
  • Drive slowly into the parking.
  • Label all shoes and clothing, both dancewear and regular clothing.
  • Make sure your dancer’s hair is properly restrained and he/she is properly dressed for class.
  • Call the studio if your dancer will be absent & make arrangements for a make-up class.
  • Encourage, but not force, practice at home.
  • Please do not allow your dancer to chew gum in the studio.
  • Keep siblings safe & under control in the waiting room and not allow them to bang on the 2-way mirror.
  • Please do not compare your dancer to other dancers.
  • Avoid gossip in the waiting room which can lead to spreading misinformation.
  • Speak with Annette with any concerns you may have.
  • Pay tuition and account balances on time.

BAD WEATHER CANCELLATION: The PDC does not always close when school is closed. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, a message will be left on the studio phone as well as posted on Facebook. Classes may be held if the weather clears by the afternoon and driving conditions are safe. Classes missed can be made up in another class.

CLASS LEVELS AND PLACEMENT: Our studio uses a system of levels to match students as closely as possible within each class and subject. Students are placed based on age and years of experience as well as on skill level, coordination, musicality, concentration, and maturity in accepting corrections. Each class can therefore be paced to meet the need of the majority. It is important for parents and students to understand however, that dance class levels are not the same as grade levels in school and that dance students may not always change levels each year. This does not mean that they have not made progress or that they are being “held back”. In fact, in most cases the entire class progresses as a unit. Students dancing above their level will be moved to the next level based on evaluations by their teacher.


  • Dancers are expected to be polite, patient, and respectful to fellow dancers, faculty, and staff.
  • If a student’s behavior is distracting or inappropriate, the student will receive a verbal warning.
  • After three warnings, the student will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the class and will be asked to sit and watch. The parent will be notified.
  • Good listeners make good dancers and also make class enjoyable for all!


  • You will find the proper way to dress for each class here as well as on the back of the tuition sheet at the studio.
  • Hair needs to be pulled up into a bun or pony tail for all classes.
  • Please print child’s name or initials in all shoes and clothing with a permanent marker
  • We sell Revolution shoes and dance wear at the studio and they will be available for purchase at our registration dates, as well as throughout the year.
  • During cold weather, only tight fitting knit sweaters, long sleeve t-neck shirts, or dance sweaters are acceptable.
  • Bulky sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets will not be allowed during dance class.

LOST AND FOUND: Please frequently check the lost and found. Items left past 90 days will be donated to charity.

OFFICE AREA: Only faculty and staff are allowed behind the desk.

WITHDRAWING FROM A CLASS: You must notify us by phone: (860) 963-7073 or e-mail: annettehebard@att.net. At that time, you are financially responsible for the remaining balance on your account minus any potential refund based on the date of receipt of withdrawal notification, not when the student started missing classes.

MAKE-UP CLASSES: Regular attendance is necessary to maintain a steady progress in class. Classes missed due to injury, illness or vacation may be made up. Call the studio for an appropriate class you can use to make-up missed classes. No refunds or credits will be granted due to missed classes. Please check in at the Front Desk and let them know you are making up a class and what day your usual class is on, so the office staff can mark the attendance book accordingly.

If at any time during the year you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you for choosing The Putnam Dance Center for your child’s dance education. We value your patronage!

The Putnam Dance Center, 554 Liberty Highway, Putnam, CT 06260; (860) 963-7073 annettehebard@att.net | www.putnamdance.com |Like us on FACEBOOK!

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