Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payments can be made by money order, check, cash or credit cards.

Payments can be mailed to 554 Liberty Highway, Putnam Ct 06260

  • Pay in Full

    ➢ If paid by September 1st, 2019, there is a 10% discount. After September 1st, 2019 there is no discount for paying the year in full.

  •  Pay quarterly

    ➢ If paid by September 10th, November 10th, January 10th, and March 10th, there is a 5% discount.

    ➢ First payment is due at time of registration.

  • Pay by Month

    ➢ You may choose to pay monthly, however no discount applies. Payment is due at your child’s first class each month.

    ➢ May’s monthly payment is due at the time of registration on or before September 1st.

    ➢ September’s monthly payment is due September 10th. The Last monthly payment of the year will be April 10th.


Other Fees

  • Registration Fees
    • $15 for the first child
    • $25 for two children from the same immediate family
    • $35 for three children from the same immediate family
  • A $55 costume fee (deposit) is due by November 10th.
    • Note that this is a DEPOSIT. Should a costume cost more than the $55 deposit, you will be notified by February 28th as your final costume balance or “FCB.”
  • Please contact us for our class tuition rates!
    • 860-963-7073


Other Payment Details 

  • Late Payments
    • A $20 LATE ASSESSMENT FEE will be applied to your account if payment has not been paid by the 15th of that month.
    • **The Late Assessment Fee** will be WAIVED for the rest of the 2020 season. Please let us know if you are having any financial difficulties.
  • Other Discounts
    • Second child from the same family receives 20% off tuition!

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