Aly Nault





Aly began taking Acrobatics at the age of 6 with Wendy’s Dance Studio in Webster, MA. She also attended Giguere’s School of Gymnastics for 6 years. From 1996 until she graduated high school in 1999, Aly took Acrobatics here at the Putnam Dance Center quickly mastering her side arial and back handsprings. Aly was a devoted student and worked very hard, so much so that she became and assistant in her time here at the PDC. Aly received her B.A. in Psychology from Eastern Connecticut State College. Aly has been back at the Putnam Dance Center as part of our adult tap class for the past 6 years. Aly’s love for dance and Acrobatics has never wained even after raising 4 children with her husband Scott. We are so happy to have Aly as one of our Acrobatics teachers this year!


2018-2019 Classes:

Acro Dance

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