Studio Awards


  • Most Outstanding Student Award: Eliza Krupoqicz
  • Most Improved in Hip Hop: Samantha Dempsey
  • Most Improved in Jazz: Samantha Alexander
  • Most Improved in Ballet: Alexis Parent
  • Most Improved in Lyric: Chloe Nason
  • Excellence in Performance: Nicole Apicelli


  • Most Outstanding Student Award: Hannah Ives
  • Excellence in Performance: Grace Higgins
  • Most Improved in Ballet: Giana Billiard
  • Most Improved Int I Level: Molly O’Connor
  • Most Improved int. IV Level: Janelle Charron


  • Most Outstanding Student Award: Taylor Phillips
  • Commitment to the Art of Dance: Sarah Larned 
  • Excellence in Performance: Megan Harper
  • Most Improved Beg. IV Level: Kaia Torrente 


  • Most Outstanding Student Award: Courtney Greene
  • Excellence in Jazz Technique: Hannah Ives
  • Excellence in Ballet Technique: Taylor Phillips
  • Most Improved Beg IV Level: Natalia Choruzek
  • Most Improved Int II Level: Kelsey Field
  • Most Improved in Acro: Katie Humphreys
  • Most Improved in Jazz: Natalia Choruzek
  • Most Improved in Modern: Samantha Alexander


  • Most Outstanding Student Award: Kaily Nisbet
  • Most Improved Beg IV Level: Allison Devolve
  • Most Improved in Modern: Yvie Bessete
  • True Love for the Art of Dance: Janelle Charron 
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